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Do It Yourself Lawn Care?

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By Michael Vernon

Grass. It is everywhere. Because most lawns are too small to be clearly seen via satellite in any kind of efficient manner we must rely on estimates to determine exactly how much of our surface area is covered by lawns. The latest estimates show that simple grass covers approximately 79,000 square miles of the earth. This is roughly the size of Nebraska. That’s a lot of mowing, fertilizing and watering. The question you have to ask yourself as a homeowner is whether or not you want to handle your little green oasis yourself or trust it to the hands of a professional.

Mowing can be a source of pleasure and pride for some homeowners and with increasing pressure from local governments to cut back on watering that leaves the third element of a successfully green yard – fertilizing. Your choice if you decide to chemically treat your yard is to hire a service to come out four or five times a year or to head to the local box store and purchase the fixin’s to do it yourself. The cost of doing it yourself is approximately two thirds of what it would cost if you hired a professional.

Before you determine that this is one area of lawn care that you can handle yourself, consider the positives of hiring a professional to treat your yard. If you are unhappy with how your lawn is coming along you can always contact that lawn professional and they can come out and make adjustments to the treatments you are receiving; usually at no additional expense. The chemicals a professional uses are also considerably stronger than what you can purchase at your local retailer. Some may say this is a bad thing but with today’s lawn chemicals being improved every year it is usually safe for your kids or pets to be on them after one day.

The choice comes down to cost and how much your time is worth. Please don’t hesitate to call me regarding this and any other issue you may have about your home and its upkeep. I can be reached at my office at your convenience.

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