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Let’s first think of this new year as an opportunity to start anew…to a new YOU.  Consider your resolutions to be revolutions and consider yourself COMMITTED to making several small changes become big changes in your life!  Here’s how.

*Enlist HELP. Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Consultant, Colleague, Friend, Family, Gym Buddy…get the HELP you need and the ANSWERS you need by seeking professional help.  Enlist the RIGHT KIND of help (do your research).  

JOIN US for our professional weight loss/maintenance challenge known as BUILDING BETTER BODEEZ PROGRAM that begins January 21st!

Also, review the Nutrition Seminar with Janine Koutsky, MS on January 19th at 1030am at Building Bodeez ($5/$10 non-members). 

*Set ‘Reasonable’ Time-Oriented, Measurable Goals.  “I want to lose 50 pounds by February 1st” is not reasonable. “I want to lose some weight” is immeasurable and not time oriented.  “I want to lose 2 lbs by next Monday” is measurable, reasonable, and time-oriented. 

*Write it down! Want to remain accountable for your goals and choices in attaining those goals? Write them down. How do you feel today? Why didn’t you exercise today? What did you do today that was successful? What type of caloric intake did you have today? Did you complete your goal for the week? A simple notebook will work, getfitbook.com sells a comprehensive notebook that guides your journal, fitness magazine.com/bestbody is a free program that offers online documentation.   At Building Bodeez we also utilize http://www.myfitnesspal.com (FREE) which has been noted as one of the most up-to-date and effective weight loss tools in 2013!

*Start with small changes.  Become active twice a week, and increase activity 1x/week for 4 weeks. The National Institute of Health recommends 3-4 sessions of activity/exercise (30 minutes-60 minutes) per week, with 2 visits including 20 minutes of strength training.  Be sure to rest at regular intervals as to recover your body and decrease injury risk and sore muscles.

*Mind your peas and q-cumbers. Nutrition plays a major role in your wellbeing (as much as 80%).  Eating regularly throughout the day, with a diet mostly comprised of lean meats, fiber, and fresh foods will prove beneficial in aiding your wellness goals.

*Find something you ENJOY to do! Not a fan of the elliptical  treadmill, or mundane resistance training?  Shop around!  Building Bodeez boasts an amazing array of fitness modalities to choose from.

Like to dance? Find fitness in Zumba, Zumba GOLD, Jam n Tone. 

Like to push yourself to new levels? Try SPINNING, MAXX OUT, Kickboxing, STEP, Agilities and Performance, Sizzler.

Like to feel the burn? Try BODEEZ ON THE BALL, Absolute Abs in 30, CORE, Jam n Tone. 

Need some ‘me’ time? Try Yogilates, Yoga 101, “Hot” Yoga. 

And that’s not all, we offer a multitude of equipment to keep boredom at bay!

Want a clear-cut plan that is ALL ABOUT YOU? Hire a personal trainer!

*MIX IT UP! Finding yourself hitting a plateau? It may be time you need to create some muscle chaos to climb the mountain of weight loss.  Try something new and challenge your body in a whole new way!

Never set a goal without a plan — failing to plan is like planning to fail.  Enlist help and get started on your life resolution for 2013.


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