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Wrinkles, Aches and Pains, Anxiety … AGING!

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We all do it — we’re doing it right now…AGING!
It’s inevitable, but are there ways to age gracefully? SURE! READ MORE.

#1: Exercise (STAY ACTIVE)!

Exercise has been regularly proven to be one of the best disease-prevention mechanisms we can utilize! Aging adults should focus on mild to moderate CARDIO training (heart rate elevated to 60-70% of Max Heart Rate for 30 minutes a day) PLUS STRENGTH training 1-2xs/week (resistance training, weight lifting). Cardio training improves cardiovascular health, decreasing your risk for heart attack, vessel disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Strength training improves bone density and lean muscle mass leading to less risk of bone fracture, osteoporosis, and decreased mobility.

Exercise, in general, also improves mind/body connection as well as decreases your risk for depression and (newly proven) DEMENTIA! By staying active and engaged, one may feel rejuvenated and alert.

#2: Eat well!

Diet plays a very important role in helping us to remain young. We must have a balanced diet. We are what we eat and this show in our body and our hair, teeth and skin.

Develop regular eating habits, eat at the same time each day (at 3-4 hour intervals).

Do not eat too late at night.

Also eat red meat no more than once-twice a week and use more white meat and fish. Cook with whole grain bread and cereals, whole rice and whole grain pasta. Eat raw vegetables and/or fruit at each sitting. Avoid fried food, loads of sugar, and loads of salt. Prepare foods raw, boiled, braised, roasted and steamed. Stick to simple and easily digestible food.

Caloric intake is important. The rate at which your body burns fuel decreases as you age, therefore, LESS calories are needed. (Basal metabolic rate is approx. 1200 calories/day for a woman, 1500 calories/day for a man over 50).

#3: ENJOY!

Depression risk is greater as you age. Fight depression with activity, engaging relationships, and proper nutrition. ENJOY YOUR LIFE! Go out and live it. The more you remain engaged the less likely you are to suffer from depression or anxiety.

-Hayley Chemski, MSN CRNA


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