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Kookie, Kookie…..

Dear Diary,

I just love 77 Sunset Strip, and that Kookie!!!   He’s the ginchiest!   Happy birthday, Kookie!   Now lend me your COMB!

July 26, 1964 – Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

The Rolling Stones were are the Red Skelton Show last night, and those boys look BAD!  Happy Birthday to Mick Jagger!

July 23, 1962

Dear Diary,

They sent a new satellite into space today to broadcast television programs to Europe.  Who cares about that, I just really like the new song by the same name – “Telstar”!!!!!!!  And those Tornadoes are SO CUTE!!

July 11, 1960 Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

I just saw a commercial on T.V. for a brand new toy, coming out today, and I want one!!

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