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Hard Day’s Night! July 25, 1964

Dear Diary,

Tonight I went to the Latrobe Manos Theater to see the new Beatles movie, and the album just came out today!  It is so great!


Paul is my favorite!

Dear Diary,

The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan last night and I know for sure now, Paul is my favorite, he is soooooo cute!!!!   And today is his birthday.

I have a crush on Moondoggie!

And today is his birthday.   You make me swoon, Moondoggie!

Hoppy is my hero!

Dear Diary,

Today is Hop-along Cassidy’s birthday.  Gee, I wish I could go to his party.  I would  wear my Hoppy skirt and hat and six guns.

Eat of the LAND, and not of the FACTORY!

It’s SUMMERTIME! Countless fresh food markets, farmers’ markets, road side stands, and grocery store produce sections abound! It’s time to practice “eating of the land, and NOT of the factory.” In other words, eat fresh, whole foods regularly, and not processed foods (despite their convenience).Check out the Latrobe Farmers’ Market!

Examples to include in your daily intake:
fresh apples and natural peanut butter
fresh cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, kiwi, oranges
fresh plums, peaches, pears, raspberries, strawberries
fresh tomatoes with mozarella and basil
fresh potatoes (boiled, with spray butter and fresh herbs)
fresh vegetables steamed on the grill
kabobs with lean meats, onions, peppers, and more!
angel food cake with fresh strawberries and low-fat whipped cream
corn on the cob with spray butter and pepper
farm eggs or egg whites with fresh vegetables (omelet)

Examples to avoid:
instant meals
instant potatoes and rice
canned vegetables (packed with sodium)

Whole, fresh foods are packed with micro and macronutrients. Processed, packaged foods are laden with high-calories, high-fat, and poor nutrition.  Find some new tastes this summer while foods are easy to come by, cheap, and fresh.  Now is the time to find your fresh food tastebuds and ENJOY!

June 1, 1959

Dear Diary,

Quick, turn on Bandstand, Dion is singing!

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