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Holiday Back Tracking!

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How does your Memorial Day Weekend celebration and your personal fitness goals match up? READ MORE!

Overeat, underexercise, and feel out of control? Do you eat healthy portions, over indulge on healthyoptions, exercise Friday and Saturday, and even Sunday with your kids? A little of both?How do you restart, or jump start, your program after a weekend like this coming weekend? How do you get yourself back into the swing of things?Remember, its not about being “BAD” or being “GOOD”…its about doing whats best for your body, your mind, and your personal goals.  So, to plan a nice balance headed into the weekend…kick it into high gear for the next 3-5 days. Hit it “HARD” as they say, and make it your personal duty to ensure that you are sticking to your overall plan, and paying close attention to your body’s cues and needs.

My post-holiday recommendations:
1. Track for the entire week before and after the holiday. (Track your meals and exercise).  Do so honestly. Get into the mind set of what calories are where, and what type they are. Pay attention.
2. Give away left overs, or make healthy OPTIONS from the left overs. Send candy with your kids, or do what I did today, pack it up — and put it in the workplace office.
3. DRINK TONS AND TONS AND TONS of water and flush your system (remove the salt).
4. Sweat and boost your endorphins for the post-holiday emotional let down.
5. Pack snacks to offset excessive hunger from large quantities of food, and high glucose foods.
6. Do not starve yourself, your body will hold onto calories and not readily let them go.
7. Try something new at the gym! Take this opportunity to find something new to try while you regain your confidence post-holiday slump!
8. Don’t punish yourself for being “BAD.”
9. Get some sleep, and rejuvenate your body’s ‘overdone’ feeling.
10. Realize that one or two pounds ends up being 5 or 10 pounds if you become lazy or complacent. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. 3 days of overeating is quickly controlled…10 days, or 20 days is NOT.

Remember to eat of the land, and not of the factory.

Any holiday can truly send your ‘healthy lifestyle’ down the tubes. The secret is to plan your attack, enjoy yourself, and get right back at it the day after a few extra treats.  Life is about balancing, not about feeling bad about yourself for a few side steps.  Diets do not work — lifestyle changes and life balances do.
Email me at buildingbodeez@gmail.com to find out more!

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