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Feeling Parched?

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WATER AND FITNESS go hand in hand. In fact, your existence depends grossly on your ability to maintain hydration. We’re all very busy, and in the day’s events we likely forget to replenish our body’s stores of water, thereby created a consistent state of dehydration. Feel a bit drained, weak, moody, unable to form a complete throught or losing parts of conversation, or constantly craving foods? Your body is a desert.

Here’s a few facts on water and the body:
**45-75% of a human’s weight is from water, and the muscles of the body are comprised of 75% water
**the average human without health issues, living in a typical environment loses around 2 cups (16oz) of water per day from sweat, another 2 cups (16oz) from breathing/exhalation, and a total of 6 cups (48oz) from the intestines and kidneys excreting fluids. Working out? Working in the heat? A larger individual? You’re losing MORE! That’s 80oz of fluid or 10 cups of water.

As a large portion of water is gained from your food intake and fluids not necessarily ‘water’ we recommend drinking around 6-8 cups of water each day.

As the body will react to a large amount of water by excreting hormones and forcing you to urinate most of it off of the body, you will likely remain dehydrated. Therefore, drink 8 cups of water in divided doses throughout the day (slowly sipping). Bring a bottle with you and drink slowly, don’t wait until you’re thirsty, just drink it as you’re able. Leave it on your desk. Put it by your workplace. Take it to the gym. Drink first before thirst.

You will find that your appetite will lessen, you will feel rejuvenated, you will feel less bloated, and likely this change will aide in weight loss and productivity.

Give it a try–DRINK UP!

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